MOXI Museum Uses 3M Decorative Window Film For Rooftop Display

MOXI Museum Uses 3M Decorative Window Film For Rooftop Display

The team at CalCoast Window Tinting was excited to use decorative window film as part of a really cool rooftop display at the new MOXI Museum. The MOXI uses their displays to ignite exploration and innovation. In their own words, “Our mission is to ignite learning through interactive experiences in science and creativity. As Santa Barbara’s newest hands-on destination for families and curious minds of all ages, MOXI is a place where you can explore and discover new things about the world around you, ask questions, seek answers and have a blast doing so.”

We installed a 3M Fasara decorative window film on the rooftop display glass that obscures the view from the below looking up and when on the glass looking down with the exception of some circular holes to look through. The Santa Barbara Independent did a story on the new museum where they caught some great pictures of kids using the rooftop display.

You can read the entire article by clicking HERE

While decorative window film can certainly be used for innovative projects things like this, it can also be very useful in a home or office environment.  You can install this film for adding privacy to a conference room or bath area, including company branding on doors or glass walls and to add a decorative element. If you would like more information, contact us today by calling (805) 962-4352 or emailing us at for a free, no obligation consultation and estimate of implementing  a decorative window film solution in your home or commercial space.

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